Our Web Services

Welcome to MBE Web Services. This system is developed for MBE staff, students, and CSE colleagues to access various web applications based on their access rights. It is implemented with the Single Sign On (SSO) service provided by Computing Services Centre. To access our web services, users can simply logon with their CityU Email accounts once.

  1. General (For student and staff use)
    • Lab Information System (IntraMEL)
    • Consumable Control System (CCS)
  2. Lab-related Applications
    • Lab Schedule and Management System (MEEMNet)
    • Fixed Asset Lifecycle Management System (FASControl)
    • Lab Booking System
  3. Administrative Applications
    • Electives Registration
    • Final Year Project List
    • CSE Project Booking
    • FYP Project Booking
  4. CSE-related Applications
    • Equipment and Facility Booking System

To access MBE Web Services, please logon here.